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So Close To Coming True
Bwils Ball
I'm soooo very close to attending my first San Francisco Giants Opening Day EVER!

I have everything pretty much packed and ready to go.  I wish I wasn't bringing my allergies with me but that's what generic Zyrtec is for and a good box of Puffs tissues.  I blame the storm that happened on Sunday.  That was a fun drive home from Roseville.

Anyways....I'm going to try my hand at the day in the life entry with tomorrow, complete with pictures.  Let's see how dedicated I can be.  Though I won't lie, some of the travel up to SF just won't be very interesting.  Though, I will be sure to get a picture of Tibby when I wake up in the morning.  :)

However, I do aim to SHAMELESSLY take a BILLION pictures of my bullpen men.

Back to my writings!  I need to get this stuff done before I go to bed!  I CAN DOOOO IT!


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