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Evey's Little World

There's A Fangirl In All Of Us

I Need A Drank
How do I describe my day?  Is there a word suitable to indeed describe it?  How about two: fucking frustrating.

Everything started out well enough.  I met with my crew leader assistant to hand in my next round of Census forms I got done and did things with that and all looked good to go out this afternoon and try and finish my binder.  Due to my slight error in time management, I almost got to BBW late but I was all good so go me.

BBW was busy and face paced with barely any time to talk baseball with Neely, the manager who hired me five years ago.  But I did get some of the new CO Bigelow menthas and my free White Citrus Shower Cream with my coupon.  Shower creams are the best.

Then I went into Old Navy because I HAD to have the octopus t-shirt they had on display.  I saw it yesterday after they put it up and I knew I had to have that shirt in my life.  And I do, since I'm wearing it now while I'm writing this.  So I leave the mall to get into Mama Car so I could go to my aunt's and take care of her cats and then come home to rest before going back out to do Census stuff.  Easy enough?

Easy enough in theory.  Reality had other things in mind.  Mainly Mama Car cold starting again to the point where I couldn't even get her started properly.  So I had to renew my AAA membership so I could get a tow home.  Mind you it was hot and I was frustrated and I knew there was no way I was going to do any Census work for the day and I just wanted to get Mama Car fixed once and for all.

To explain how I always feel about cold starts, it's like a punch in the gut.  I don't abuse her at all, I give her the right gas but these cold starts just really get to me.  I was actually thankful when I went back out with my dad before one of the Audi techs from his shop came by to check out the car that WHAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS AFTERNOON HAPPENED AGAIN.  It doesn't usually happen like that but the whole scenario replicated again and I was like THANK GOD I AM NOT CRAZY.

So thankfully with my aunt being out of town, she is allowing me to use her car, to which I owe her something.  And we're getting the part to fix this cold start issue once and for all tomorrow.  It better fix the problem because I am so fucking sick of worrying whether or not I'm going to endure cold start after cold start.

But my weekend is just getting started.  BBW will be crazy and I need to try and get as much of my Census binder done as I can.  And it means I probably will have to wait until next week to see Iron Man 2.  :(

Just Because I Want To
Ani and Padme
Doing this meme because I feel like it and it comes courtesy of a few of my ontd_downey  lovelies, celestialcure  and wave_of_sorrow .

Six Names You Go By:
1. Sabrina
2. Bean/Beanie (my grandfather gave me the Bean nickname, my sister added the -ie later)
3. Bina (my BBW manager who will soon leave)
4. Sab (okay, I HATE this with a fleeping passion but I only allow BBW girls to do it because I don't have the heart to say I hate it)
5. eveybean (LJ moniker)
6. mseveyvee (my Twitter moniker)

Three Things You Are Wearing Now:
1. Queen (the band) three quarter sleeve shirt
2. Jean shorts
3. Glasses

Three Things You Want Very Badly At the Moment:
1. Sleep
2. Sex (wow admitting this so publicly, amazing)
3. Money (so that I can do the things I want to do)

Three People Whom You Hope Will Do the Meme:
1. Sara, my twein
2. Bianca
3. Lil

Three Things You Did Last Night:
1. Stayed up until 2 am
2. Watched Dan's outing like a dozen times
3. Slept in my bed for 5 hours

Three People You Last Talked to On the Phone:
1. Deborah
2. My BBW District Manager
3. The BBW manager who hired me, Neely

Three Things You Are Going to Do Tomorrow (aka the things which me deprive me of sleep and me time but will provide monies)
1. Go to Census training, which means the first time of going door to door interviewing
2. Go check on my aunt's cats
3. Probably going to have to go into BBW for floorset changes since I have a call in and I know there are indeed changes

Four of Your Favorite Drinks:
1. Dr.Pepper
2. Coke
3. Iced Coffee
4. Water

Three Things That Made You Smile Today:
1. Hearing from Deborah after a long time
2. My dad's wounds are getting better
3. RDJ on Letterman

Sorry For My Absence
Ultimate Batgirl
I feel bad for not updating about one of my best day's ever at Giants Opening Day.

But I am currently undergoing training for my Census job and it seems that BBW is having me work more now so essentially my days have been literally soaked up by work.  I can't lie, I really need the money but I had gotten so used to doing whatever that now since I can't do whatever, I've become a little more petulant about things.  On top of work, I'm also taking care of my aunt's house and cats while she is in Washington with my cousin and her new daughter, Layla.

And my Tiberius is officially a year old now.  I got to talk to Deborah today, she is the one who gave me Tibby, and I was off by ONE DAY.  I was like, I figured April 21st but it was April 22nd.  Nevertheless, my boy is big and I love him to bits.

And ack, the end of Julie & Julia always makes me tear up.  Maybe because one day, I want to know that feeling of having something published, which has been one of my dreams for years.  Maybe teaming up with rimhanga33  as I have, we'll be one step closer.

So I hope sometime soon to update better.

Saturday On The Field Photo Day awaits!  My bullpen men, I am after you! 

So Close To Coming True
Bwils Ball
I'm soooo very close to attending my first San Francisco Giants Opening Day EVER!

I have everything pretty much packed and ready to go.  I wish I wasn't bringing my allergies with me but that's what generic Zyrtec is for and a good box of Puffs tissues.  I blame the storm that happened on Sunday.  That was a fun drive home from Roseville.

Anyways....I'm going to try my hand at the day in the life entry with tomorrow, complete with pictures.  Let's see how dedicated I can be.  Though I won't lie, some of the travel up to SF just won't be very interesting.  Though, I will be sure to get a picture of Tibby when I wake up in the morning.  :)

However, I do aim to SHAMELESSLY take a BILLION pictures of my bullpen men.

Back to my writings!  I need to get this stuff done before I go to bed!  I CAN DOOOO IT!

Nagging Suspended
So finally, after waiting patiently and going through all the steps I needed to take, I finally have a job with the Census Bureau!

This lady called me while I was watching Sherlock Holmes and I didn't hear the call.  But then my mom texted me about the state furloughs still being instated this week and I checked my cell.

I immediately listened to the voice mail and it was the Census Bureau so of course I immediately called them back and had to leave a message.  Then they called me back and it was a good thing I did.  They only give a 24 hour window for calling back and then they go through the rest of the list.

So it means the week of April 26th-30th, I will be going through my training and I will get paid.  It's an 8 week job but this is such great news and an opportunity for me.  It means I won't be as available at BBW but I never hid the fact I applied for a Census job from them.

I'm happy!  Of course, that is the same week as On The Field Photo Day so I'm hoping that I can still go to that.  I guess it will just be a case of hoping they don't need me to go out on May 1st or maybe it will just be my one exception.

Ahhhhh I'm finally getting my mom off my back.  I'm finally getting a decent paying job, at least for a little whhhhile.  :D

Hoooo Shit
I am a bad sister because I didn't call my sister to wish her a Happy Birthday.


I got her a card, which my mom took up on Saturday when she went to visit.  I couldn't go because I had to work.  I haven't gotten her anything either because I have no idea what she wants.

But I could have called her yesterday. 

Guess I know what I have to do before I go pick up Sherlock Holmes.

*sigh*  I'm a bad seester.

Because, Again, We All Love These
Ani and Padme
Posting this meme because I know most of my girls love it and because I promisedsouperbassi26 I would post this on my own LJ so she could answer it.

1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Where do you live:
4: What are you studying/What are you working as:
5. What makes you happy:
6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
7. An interesting fact about you:
8. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
9. Favorite place to be:
10. Favorite lyric:
11. Best time of the year:
12. Weirdest food you like:

1. A film:
2. A tv show:
3. A book:
4. A song:
5: A band:

1. Favorite Fandom:
2. OTP/OT3:
3. Favorite .gif:
4. Icon/Fic Journal (so I can join):

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ:
4. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?

Hope Springs Eternal
Most of you know I love the San Francisco Giants.  For almost 13 years now, I have followed with passion, blood, sweat, and yes, shed quite a few tears over this team. 

And I can proudly say for the first time I will be attending a Giants Opening Day. 

Yes, as long as I have been a fan, I've never been able to experience an Opening Day.  I was either in school, poor, or working.  But this year, that has changed.  Finally, I get to live out a Giants dream.  I am considering doing a photo journal of my day so if I get feedback and all of you are down, I will truly consider doing it.  I think it would be a great way to chronicle the day.

I really hope work gives me the day off.  I don't see why not, considering they have not done the schedule for next week yet and I put in the notice I wanted April 9th off the moment I got confirmation from my cousin yesterday afternoon.  I think I kind of owe my cousin, because without her, I would not be going at all.  One of her friends had an extra ticket.  It's in the bleachers but who cares, I'M GOING TO OPENING DAY!

And then to watch the game tonight....AHHHHH, FANGIRLINESS TO THE EXTREME.  Jeremy got interviewed and Dan and Brian pitched!  I have been dying to see Dan in any way shape or form considering I didn't see him at Fan Fest.  And, AND, AND Jeremy and Brian got contract extensions!  So I am just in absolute baseball heaven right now.  HEAVEN!  I just adore all of these men to pieces!

And to make my day even brighter yet, I got my next installment of RDJ movies.  Heart and Souls.  Chances Are.  Only You.  SOAPDISH.  And I forgot to add in my other post I do own Good Night, And Good Luck too.  But yes, my collection is filling out quite nicely.  However, I think Sherlock Holmes is really going to top it off quite nicely next week and I don't work that day soooooo  :D

Considering things that make me really happy have been few and far in between, it's nice to know the sun does shine down on me from time to time. 

What I Did During My Baseball Offseason
Ani and Padme
(I meant to actually do a post like this before Spring Training was about to start but I got busy and procrastinated)

So the running gag/hot question when a baseball player is ready to go Spring Training is what did you do during the offseason?  Most players talk about the trips they took or their workout regimen.

For me, the end of the baseball season sucks because I don't get to see my guys play every day and it means the holidays are close.  Being in retail like I am, that's not always the most comforting of prospects.  The holidays keep me busy well enough and then there's always the drop off, the dead period.  The period of time after the holidays and right before Spring Training starts.  During this time, I tend to find something to add to my daily obsessions.

This year was no exception.  Blessed with having a new TV and Blu-Ray player, it became a joy to watch movies again after going through a bout of severe movie apathy.  I was picky beyond picky.  Until I saw The Soloist on HBO.  I wasn't expecting much but OH MY GOD, I could not stop thinking about the movie (any time classical music is a focal point, it's fairly easy to get my attention).  Namely, I could not stop thinking about ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.

I loved the shorn hair look and his eyes.  I just could not stop thinking about it and I systematically became determined (it's not obsessed, it's determined).  Mostly, I just enjoyed watching him in every movie I could see on TV.  And despite being poor, I was buying what I could.  And then my friend, my dear twin rimhanga33 , told me to watch Iron Man.  I didn't just watch Iron Man, I got it on Blu-Ray.

Mind you I have always had a great deal of respect for RDJ.  I didn't hold all of his personal struggles against him.  It was his struggle and heck, I was struggling to make it through my own life of school and personal things.  I feel like I'm way late to this train but I'm more than making up for it. 

In fact, my RDJ collection grew today as I got more movies in the mail and there are still more movies I plan on getting, especially Sherlock Holmes which comes out sooo sooon.  I don't care how poor I may be (though thank you for tax refunds), I am continuing to build my DVD collection.

Here's my list thus far:
Iron Man
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Soloist
Two Girls and A Guy
Air America
Less Than Zero
The Pick-Up Artist
Charlie Bartlett
Back To School
Home For The Holidays
Richard III
The Singing Detective (on its way)

Yeah, this is what I did during my baseball offseason.  I became a RDJ stan.  I know my peeps at ontd_downey  can appreciate this.  

However I will not lie, I'm ready for baseball to be back in my daily life.  :D

And I'm also STOKED for May 7th!  OH YEAH!

Fangirl Happy Birthday Wishes
To my favorite closer in the world....Collapse )