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Ani and Padme
OMG what an epic RDJ party post last night and I wish I had more time to type about it all but I have to run off to work shortly but I have a funny from work last night to share.

See, for all of my new friends that don't know what I do currently for a living, I work at Bath and Body Works.  Now, when I first started with the company (which has almost reached the five year mark), there was an Asian lady who came up to me and asked me, "Do you have anything for the vagina?"  So I took out the color of how she pronounced her v as a b, sue me, lol.

Anyways last night at work, there was an elderly white lady this time to who came in.  I was working at the front of the store (which they have me do a lot because I'm probably the best associate at it) and she asked me very quietly, "Do you guys carry anything like, you know, douches?"

Yeah, BBW does not care anything like that for feminine needs and never has.  That's what a pharmacy is for.  Or Target, or whatever, just not BBW.

And no, I didn't not laugh at either of these ladies but inside, inside, *tears*

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(Deleted comment)
It's something because you would THINK I would have just laughed in her face but I think it just comes from that fact I've been in retail so long, I just know better to not do that.

I used to be shy about approaching customers too but I had to break that habit. If work can stick me in front of the store, they do.

Now ask me to help guys like my baseball men or RDJ, that would be a different outcome. I would be a puddle of goo.

I had at least two customers on two separate occasions asking me if the massage oil could be "used internally" Creepy...

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