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Fangirl Happy Birthday Wishes
I love San Francisco Giants baseball and I love this man.  For all the shit Giants fairweather fans give him, the man is nails, solid as a rock and as far as I'm concerned, has been a complete gentleman when I have met him.  The guy has had 79 saves in the past two years.  Yeah, he kicks ass and now I'm a bullpen girl.

I mean hello, look at this proof right here.  Is he not hot?  God, I miss his soul patch.  (Yes my RDJ friends, he smelled really good that night and yes, this was me two years ago.)

So Happy Birthday Brian Wilson!  And here's to an All-Star year!

28 years young. 

I hope he does another signing this year because I'm so there.  So there.

Season needs to start now, dammit.

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Haha you used the icon I made you. I need to make better ones.

Yeah Water signs!!

Happy Birthday, BWils.

Kick some more ass this season. :D

Make sure to hit Casey Blake.

P.S. The night you met Brian was freakin' epic! I still remember what happened.

Edited at 2010-03-17 10:27 am (UTC)

Casey Blake AND Prince Fielder. Not like we're taking notes or anything.

Whatever, I don't care how old that icon is, I still love it.

AND I will never forget you talking about how on earth he was wearing plaid pants!

And I told you, he's hot as hell, he can wear anything he wants!


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