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What I Did During My Baseball Offseason
Ani and Padme
(I meant to actually do a post like this before Spring Training was about to start but I got busy and procrastinated)

So the running gag/hot question when a baseball player is ready to go Spring Training is what did you do during the offseason?  Most players talk about the trips they took or their workout regimen.

For me, the end of the baseball season sucks because I don't get to see my guys play every day and it means the holidays are close.  Being in retail like I am, that's not always the most comforting of prospects.  The holidays keep me busy well enough and then there's always the drop off, the dead period.  The period of time after the holidays and right before Spring Training starts.  During this time, I tend to find something to add to my daily obsessions.

This year was no exception.  Blessed with having a new TV and Blu-Ray player, it became a joy to watch movies again after going through a bout of severe movie apathy.  I was picky beyond picky.  Until I saw The Soloist on HBO.  I wasn't expecting much but OH MY GOD, I could not stop thinking about the movie (any time classical music is a focal point, it's fairly easy to get my attention).  Namely, I could not stop thinking about ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.

I loved the shorn hair look and his eyes.  I just could not stop thinking about it and I systematically became determined (it's not obsessed, it's determined).  Mostly, I just enjoyed watching him in every movie I could see on TV.  And despite being poor, I was buying what I could.  And then my friend, my dear twin rimhanga33 , told me to watch Iron Man.  I didn't just watch Iron Man, I got it on Blu-Ray.

Mind you I have always had a great deal of respect for RDJ.  I didn't hold all of his personal struggles against him.  It was his struggle and heck, I was struggling to make it through my own life of school and personal things.  I feel like I'm way late to this train but I'm more than making up for it. 

In fact, my RDJ collection grew today as I got more movies in the mail and there are still more movies I plan on getting, especially Sherlock Holmes which comes out sooo sooon.  I don't care how poor I may be (though thank you for tax refunds), I am continuing to build my DVD collection.

Here's my list thus far:
Iron Man
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Soloist
Two Girls and A Guy
Air America
Less Than Zero
The Pick-Up Artist
Charlie Bartlett
Back To School
Home For The Holidays
Richard III
The Singing Detective (on its way)

Yeah, this is what I did during my baseball offseason.  I became a RDJ stan.  I know my peeps at ontd_downey  can appreciate this.  

However I will not lie, I'm ready for baseball to be back in my daily life.  :D

And I'm also STOKED for May 7th!  OH YEAH!

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I need to get Home for the holidays it's one of my fave holiday movies. RDJ is awesome in it. and I thought dealing with my brothers was bad lol

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