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Hope Springs Eternal
Most of you know I love the San Francisco Giants.  For almost 13 years now, I have followed with passion, blood, sweat, and yes, shed quite a few tears over this team. 

And I can proudly say for the first time I will be attending a Giants Opening Day. 

Yes, as long as I have been a fan, I've never been able to experience an Opening Day.  I was either in school, poor, or working.  But this year, that has changed.  Finally, I get to live out a Giants dream.  I am considering doing a photo journal of my day so if I get feedback and all of you are down, I will truly consider doing it.  I think it would be a great way to chronicle the day.

I really hope work gives me the day off.  I don't see why not, considering they have not done the schedule for next week yet and I put in the notice I wanted April 9th off the moment I got confirmation from my cousin yesterday afternoon.  I think I kind of owe my cousin, because without her, I would not be going at all.  One of her friends had an extra ticket.  It's in the bleachers but who cares, I'M GOING TO OPENING DAY!

And then to watch the game tonight....AHHHHH, FANGIRLINESS TO THE EXTREME.  Jeremy got interviewed and Dan and Brian pitched!  I have been dying to see Dan in any way shape or form considering I didn't see him at Fan Fest.  And, AND, AND Jeremy and Brian got contract extensions!  So I am just in absolute baseball heaven right now.  HEAVEN!  I just adore all of these men to pieces!

And to make my day even brighter yet, I got my next installment of RDJ movies.  Heart and Souls.  Chances Are.  Only You.  SOAPDISH.  And I forgot to add in my other post I do own Good Night, And Good Luck too.  But yes, my collection is filling out quite nicely.  However, I think Sherlock Holmes is really going to top it off quite nicely next week and I don't work that day soooooo  :D

Considering things that make me really happy have been few and far in between, it's nice to know the sun does shine down on me from time to time. 

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A photo journal would be awesome... I'm not sure if I'm going going, but I will be outside at least!

You know that I am not leaving until I see you OD, twin. You know that. We need to hang out. I will not take no for an answer. :D

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