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Nagging Suspended
So finally, after waiting patiently and going through all the steps I needed to take, I finally have a job with the Census Bureau!

This lady called me while I was watching Sherlock Holmes and I didn't hear the call.  But then my mom texted me about the state furloughs still being instated this week and I checked my cell.

I immediately listened to the voice mail and it was the Census Bureau so of course I immediately called them back and had to leave a message.  Then they called me back and it was a good thing I did.  They only give a 24 hour window for calling back and then they go through the rest of the list.

So it means the week of April 26th-30th, I will be going through my training and I will get paid.  It's an 8 week job but this is such great news and an opportunity for me.  It means I won't be as available at BBW but I never hid the fact I applied for a Census job from them.

I'm happy!  Of course, that is the same week as On The Field Photo Day so I'm hoping that I can still go to that.  I guess it will just be a case of hoping they don't need me to go out on May 1st or maybe it will just be my one exception.

Ahhhhh I'm finally getting my mom off my back.  I'm finally getting a decent paying job, at least for a little whhhhile.  :D


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