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Sorry For My Absence
Ultimate Batgirl
I feel bad for not updating about one of my best day's ever at Giants Opening Day.

But I am currently undergoing training for my Census job and it seems that BBW is having me work more now so essentially my days have been literally soaked up by work.  I can't lie, I really need the money but I had gotten so used to doing whatever that now since I can't do whatever, I've become a little more petulant about things.  On top of work, I'm also taking care of my aunt's house and cats while she is in Washington with my cousin and her new daughter, Layla.

And my Tiberius is officially a year old now.  I got to talk to Deborah today, she is the one who gave me Tibby, and I was off by ONE DAY.  I was like, I figured April 21st but it was April 22nd.  Nevertheless, my boy is big and I love him to bits.

And ack, the end of Julie & Julia always makes me tear up.  Maybe because one day, I want to know that feeling of having something published, which has been one of my dreams for years.  Maybe teaming up with rimhanga33  as I have, we'll be one step closer.

So I hope sometime soon to update better.

Saturday On The Field Photo Day awaits!  My bullpen men, I am after you! 

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Damn Tibby is one already? How time flies...

We're getting closer and closer to getting published. The end of Julie & Juliar makes me tear up, too, because I also think about the same stuff. TWEINS.

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