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Evey's Little World

There's A Fangirl In All Of Us

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I Need A Drank
How do I describe my day?  Is there a word suitable to indeed describe it?  How about two: fucking frustrating.

Everything started out well enough.  I met with my crew leader assistant to hand in my next round of Census forms I got done and did things with that and all looked good to go out this afternoon and try and finish my binder.  Due to my slight error in time management, I almost got to BBW late but I was all good so go me.

BBW was busy and face paced with barely any time to talk baseball with Neely, the manager who hired me five years ago.  But I did get some of the new CO Bigelow menthas and my free White Citrus Shower Cream with my coupon.  Shower creams are the best.

Then I went into Old Navy because I HAD to have the octopus t-shirt they had on display.  I saw it yesterday after they put it up and I knew I had to have that shirt in my life.  And I do, since I'm wearing it now while I'm writing this.  So I leave the mall to get into Mama Car so I could go to my aunt's and take care of her cats and then come home to rest before going back out to do Census stuff.  Easy enough?

Easy enough in theory.  Reality had other things in mind.  Mainly Mama Car cold starting again to the point where I couldn't even get her started properly.  So I had to renew my AAA membership so I could get a tow home.  Mind you it was hot and I was frustrated and I knew there was no way I was going to do any Census work for the day and I just wanted to get Mama Car fixed once and for all.

To explain how I always feel about cold starts, it's like a punch in the gut.  I don't abuse her at all, I give her the right gas but these cold starts just really get to me.  I was actually thankful when I went back out with my dad before one of the Audi techs from his shop came by to check out the car that WHAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS AFTERNOON HAPPENED AGAIN.  It doesn't usually happen like that but the whole scenario replicated again and I was like THANK GOD I AM NOT CRAZY.

So thankfully with my aunt being out of town, she is allowing me to use her car, to which I owe her something.  And we're getting the part to fix this cold start issue once and for all tomorrow.  It better fix the problem because I am so fucking sick of worrying whether or not I'm going to endure cold start after cold start.

But my weekend is just getting started.  BBW will be crazy and I need to try and get as much of my Census binder done as I can.  And it means I probably will have to wait until next week to see Iron Man 2.  :(

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My day's been crazy too! Actually my WEEK!!! I'm dealing with academic bullshit. I hate how this ONE class I'm taking this semester determines my academic future. Very frustrating...ugh. I know I'm not a bad student!

I wanna see the octopus shirt! :)

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